Kailapa is working towards Firewise Certified community

Kailapa Community Association (KCA) is working with the Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization (HWMO) to insure our community is as safe as possible. One of the greatest risks to Kailapa is due to the dry, windy conditions that Kawaihae is known for, that contributes to the potential of large, fast moving Wildfires. Becoming a Firewise certified community gives us the opportunity to take a proactive approach with support from various sources. One such source is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Becoming Firewise certified opens the doors for KCA to apply for federal grants from FEMA to help reduce the fire hazards in and around our area and increase our ability to take preventative actions.

There are several steps that are required to become a Firewise certified community.

The FIRST step is to have a hazard assessment completed. The focus of the assessment will be on the developed portions of the community, including homes, firebreak roads, water resources, etc. This assessment will be done by members of the HWMO, Hawaii Fire Department, and the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

On November 3, 2016 , With resident permission, the assessment team will walk around a few individual homes to conduct home ignition zone assessments. The purpose of this portion of the assessment is not to single out any particular home, but to pull examples of successful Firewise modifications and common fire hazards for the report.

The report will then be available for the Kailapa Firewise Committee to review and use to develop the community Action Plan.

For the resident, the process is a great chance to basically have a free fire hazard assessment conducted for their home by various technical experts. There is no follow-up required for the individual home assessments.

If you are interested in having the free assessment done on your property on Nov 3, 2016, please contact Diane Kanealii at 808-640-3195.

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