Honokoa Spring 2017 Newsletter

HONOKOA Spring 2017 Newsletter

Yes, the “old” new name of the subdivision is Honokoa. At the annual community meeting held on January 22, 2017 members of the community voted to change the name of the subdivision to the historical name of this area “Honokoa”. It seems pono to bring honor to this famous place where the ancestors thrived and balanced their resources to feed their families. Since the community vision is “Ehuehu i ka pono” (Thrive in balance) was adopted, we have been working to make this vision a reality. During this transition, we will be using the name Honokoa dba Kailapa Community Association (KCA)

2017-18 Board of Directors

During the annual community meeting, KCA elected 9 board members to serve staggered 3 year terms. 2017-18 Board members and positions as follows: Sam Peck, President, Robert Lyman V-President, Izzy Kalaau-Catrett Secretary, Lynn Jardine, Treasurer, Frank Collo, Director, Noah Scanlan Director, Kalani Grace, Director, Kaleo Bertelmann, Director Keala Drummondo, Director. They are all very dedicated, hard working members of Honokoa. When you see them, please, give them a pat on the back and say Mahalo for their dedication and commitment to their community. This board has put community engagement as a top priority and will be holding quarterly meetings to give the residents every opportunity to participate in the planning and decision making as we grow and develop this community. The First Quarterly Community Meeting will be held on Saturday April 1, 2017 at 6:00 PM at the Pavilion. Please join the meeting and take an active role in shaping this community.

Presentations by: Pablo Beimler from Hawaii Wildfire to share about the National Community Wildfire Preparedness Day and Adrienne Dillard from the Papakolea Homestead Association regarding KCA’s Heath survey how the information is used.

Formation of Committees

The KCA is creating committees to carry out the Vision of Ehuehu i ka pono. The committees are based on the 6 focus areas defined during the community planning sessions in 2012 with the help of the UH Department of Urban and Rural Planning. The Focus areas defined are Noho Ku ‘okoa ( Self-sufficiency), Ke Ola Pono (Health & Safety), Ka’imi Na’auao (Technology & Education, Malama ‘Aina (Resource Management), Laulima (Community Cohesiveness), Ka ‘ike Hawai’i (Native Hawaiian culture, knowledge & traditional practices) all held together by the Piko (gathering place).

The community Piko ( Pavilion) is nearing completion and bringing community together. Volunteers are requested to participate on any level they can, from working on the building to preparing and/or donating food for the volunteers. No contribution is too small and every contribution is greatly appreciated. As we head to the finish line, we are looking forward to phase II. With the help and support from Pacific Growth Associates (PGA) our community has peeked the interest of some outside investors from a New Market Tax Credit (NMTC) program. These investors support community projects that provide multiple services and benefits to their respective communities.

During the 2016 Legislative session, KCA was approved 1M Grant- in- Aid (GIA) to begin phase II of the community resource center. Those funds were designated to design and build the bridge/culvert to get across the ravine at the end of Kailapa St. to access the resource center site. That GIA funding was never released. It was assigned to DHHL to use the federal funds but DHHL did not agree to fund any community projects. Therefore, KCA has focused in on working on the 2017 GIA request for the 1M for the last years purpose for the bridge and an additional 1.75M to do planning design and the land prep for the resource center/disaster shelter that will serve S. Kohala. IF KCA wins this award, we have a verbal commitment from a NMTC investor to match some of the GIA funds This is a really BIG deal !!! The Honokoa community has had multiple site visits by Key Legislative members as well as Representatives from the Governor’s office to see for themselves what is being done here and the opportunities it presents.

The KCA Executive Director has traveled to ‘Oahu multiple times to meet with our Legislators, provide testimony, and gain the needed support and understanding of what the full funding request would mean for Honokoa and for S. Kohala. If we do NOT get funded, we also loose the NMTC investment. We ask that you send in email , letters of support and make phone calls to our representatives to ask for their support in getting the GIA request fully funded.

The work of Noho Ku’oko’a is in progress with the greenhouse aquaponic system. Frank Collo is the Po’o for the project and is growing some beautiful greens and Talapia. All the bugs are being worked out as it is a learning process for us all.

Noah Scanlan will take the lead on helping the 15 families that will be selected to participate in building a system for their own homes. If you are interested in participating, please fill in the application on the back of this newsletter and return it by April 1, 2017 to dkanealii02@gmail.com, mail to 61-4016 Kai Opae Pl. or bring to Community meeting on April 1.


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