Honokoa Spring 2018 Newsletter

Kailapa logoKailapa Community Association election results

On Jan 20, 2018 KCA held it’s annual community meeting and election to fill openings for the Board of directors. We are happy to announce that Keala Drummondo is our new President. Keala has served Kailapa for the past 6 yrs and worked his way up the ranks to now lead the organization. Vice-President is Jeanette Kaulukukui brings her construction background to help further the projects in progress.  Amoo Ching joined the organiza- tion to offer more youth programs and help build the leaders of tomorrow. Easton Chong serves as our youth advocate and role model for our youngsters. Returning members are Treasurer Lynn Jardine, Secretary Izzy Kalaau-Catrett, and Directors Jordan Hollister & Tommy Silva. We acknowledge and give thanks to Barbara Neville and Jim Cisler who are our communication team to help us get the messages out to the communi- ty.  We Mahalo Sam Peck for his service as the President as he leaves of- fice and also to all of the previous Board members who served this com- munity throughout the past 12 years. It takes all of us to make the differ- ence and continue our positive growth.

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