Kailapa Members appoint New Officers

KCA proudly announces four new officers joining the Kailapa Board of Directors.

During a meeting held on September 20, 2016 the general membership of Kailapa voted to appoint four interim officers to serve until the next general election scheduled for January 2017. The New Officers are President, Sam Peck, Vice President, Robert ‘Koko” Lyman, Secretary, Isabel Kalaau-Catrett (Izzy) and Treasurer, Lynn Jardine. Please give them a warm welcome and mahalo for stepping up to the plate. We also give thanks to those who served on the board in the past. Every persons contribution is always appreciated.

As we move forward, the new officers are diligently working to get up to speed and get the projects moving once again. During the next general membership meeting to be held in January, the Board will be reviewing all of the current plans and projects well as looking for your input as we move forward with the projects and programs slated for our community. Please be sure to join us and be a part of the momentum of change leading us into the new exciting year.


Ehuehu i ka pono ( Thrive in balance)


To empower Native Hawaiians living in Kohala, specifically the Kailapa Community, supporting physical, mental, spiritual, and cultural health of people and place


  • Build community self-sufficiency and independence through Social Economic Development
  • Educate and strengthen the cultural identity and self-esteem by facilitating opportunities to learn, practice and share Hawaiian knowledge of history, culture, values and traditional practices
  • Preserve and protect our natural environment through stewardship of our islands and resources that are appropriate to traditional practice and perspective.
  • Strengthen and engage community relationships and encourage active participation in issues that impact Native Hawaiian culture, resources, health, wellness and lands


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